How stress affects aneurysm recovery

Can stress cause a brain aneurysm?

While stress can’t cause a brain aneurysm, it can play a major role in the recovery of a patient after treatment.

Symptoms of a brain aneurysm include nausea, severe headaches, sensitivity to light, seizures, loss of consciousness and more. Treatment for this condition includes surgery and medication. Surgery will attempt to close off the brain aneurysm to prevent future ruptures.

Stress has a large impact on the symptoms of brain aneurysms and the side effects of surgery. Some of the symptoms, such as seizures, headaches and confusion, can be worsened by anxiety. The side effects of surgery — such as hair loss, headaches and fatigue — can also worsen with stress.

Many of the side effects of surgery are part of the healing process, but their severity can be lowered by avoiding stressful situations and practicing relaxation techniques. In some cases, anxiety medications may be prescribed.