Another reason to take your Omega-3’s

I read all kinds of health magazines, nutrition websites and even have subscriptions to various health and nutrition newsletters.  Through all this information that I read on a daily basis, I came across something that I wanted to share – another reason to take your omega 3’s.  Not only does it help with cardiovascular health, it also helps boost libido.  Here is what I came across: For a spicer sex life, skip the champagne and … [ Read More ]

Sunshine in a Bottle – Vitamin D with k2

We’ve been hearing a lot about Vitamin D lately in the news—recent research makes it look like it’s become more important than ever before for health and wellness. Even though we can produce it naturally through processing UV rays, I know that it’s pretty challenging for me to schedule time to sunbathe on a daily basis, between the office, gym and keeping my other appointments. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, and I’m also … [ Read More ]

Stick to the Fundamentals – Starting with Vitamin C

Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given in my career is “stick to the fundamentals”. It’s definitely helped me out, and when it comes to staying healthy, I’ve found that the same thing applies. Different products come and go—some hot, some not—but I prefer not to waste time trying to fix what isn’t broken. Vitamin C has been on the scene for decades now, and for a good reason: it works—always has, always … [ Read More ]

Ultimate Aloe Juice to the Rescue

As supplements go, I’m a big believer in what Mother Nature has given us, and I also know that a big part of health starts with digestive and immune health. In fact, I think I heard somewhere that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. For me, the answer is Ultimate Aloe. It provides the immune support I need while I’m balancing my career and family life, plus it keeps my digestive … [ Read More ]

Sexual Health-How do you know where to start?

Sexual Health…How do you know where to start? It is not as simple as saying “I don’t want to age”, rather, “I can certainly make choices to improve quality of life and slow down the process”. Hormone changes are a natural part of the aging process.  While a woman’s hormones begin to decline at the age of 35(2) and plunge dramatically during her peri-menopausal years, the signs of hormone changes in men are gradual and … [ Read More ]